If you have a noticeable stomach bulge that is not responding to dieting and exercise, the issue may not be excess fat. Some people suffer from a condition known as diastasis recti, where the muscles of the abdomen have become loose and separated due to the strain of things like pregnancy or massive rapid weight gain.

Dieting and exercise cannot tighten loose sagging abdominal muscles. The only way to correct diastasis recti is through surgical procedures like a tummy tuck.

During the procedure, the muscles of the abdomen will be tightly sutured together to create a flatter and stronger surface and to prevent any abdominal bulges. Excess fat and loose skin will also be removed for more comprehensive results.

If you are struggling to restore the appearance of your stomach due to diastasis recti, contact our office to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Heistein. He can properly address the issues with your abdominal muscles and can restore the natural appearance of your abdomen.