Procedures like a facelift are frequently performed to reduce the signs of aging that occur on the face as we get older. Still, some may worry that they are “too old” to receive a facelift or that the amount of correction they need is beyond the scope of the procedure.

People as old as age 80 have successfully received facelifts. Your candidacy is determined during your consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Heistein. Your skin elasticity, skin health, and overall health are the most important factors that Dr. Heistein will be examining. If it is determined that a facelift can provide you with the results you seek, then the next step will be the procedure.

If you are interested in receiving a facelift but want to know if you are a suitable candidate, contact us to schedule a consultation. Dr. Heistein will address any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure.