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Archive for November, 2016

Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Published on November 21, 2016

Breast augmentation has become one of the most popular procedures available. Many women are interested in the procedure but may not be informed enough about the process to know if a breast augmentation is the best choice for them. At

The Benefits of a Phenol Peel

Published on November 15, 2016

A phenol peel is one of the deepest peels available, penetrating into the lower dermal layers. It has the strongest effect on the skin, removing a majority of the rough skin layers. The strength of the phenol peel is what

Get the Body You Want After Weight Loss with Body Contouring

Published on November 4, 2016

Weight loss can do wonders for your figure and self–confidence, but it may not give you your dream body. Large amounts of excess skin can prevent you from feeling great about the new you. Body contouring can restore the natural

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