People want a body they can feel confident about, no matter how old they are. Aging can cause significant changes inside and outside the body that can affect your health and your body’s ability to recover. Older individuals are often interested in a tummy tuck, but they may worry that they are ineligible.

Happily, age isn’t the deciding factor when determining your eligibility for a tummy tuck; your health and fitness levels are more significant. A healthy body will be able to handle the stress of the procedure and is better prepared to handle the recovery process. Though age does affect your body’s health and your ability to remain in shape, it does not prevent you from living a healthy and active lifestyle.

During your tummy tuck consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Heistein, your health and fitness will be thoroughly assessed in order to determine if you are healthy enough for your tummy tuck. If you are interested in receiving a tummy tuck and want to know if you are a good candidate, contact us to schedule an appointment.